Sunday, April 27, 2008

Some Drawing Today

I was able to do some drawings today for a short while before my body started arguing with me (the acupuncture is on Wednesday by the way---I can't wait).  If you look on the left page of the sketchbook above you, those are my planning sketches for Little Red in the Hood.  The right page has some little doodles--there's a rather round man with a mustache that looks promising.  I'd like to play around with fake fur for facial hair like I did for Trevor the Troll.  

I'd also like to do a Super Hero Series.  I really like the simply shaped plush, so I was trying to figure out what I could do differently besides changing shapes.  I would like to be more selective with my fabric.  It is hard not to be immediately drawn to the fun and quirky prints that are out there.  And, there is so much.  You can get fabric with little Sushis on them, or little guitars, or trucks, or moles and mushrooms.  I mean look at this, there is a chick with a space helmut on for crying out loud!  It is taking a lot of will power to not click on "Buy Now" so that I can sew it and stuff it.  I like muted tones, though, and I always forget that when there is so much cuteness around.   I especially like muted tones in these drawings from Seth's sketchbook.  They are so dreamy.  


Mary (craft addict) said...

Great sketches. I think superheroes would be fun, but I really just love all that you do and always look forward to the next creation. I hope you get some relief soon so you can resume the things you love.

Melissa & Emmitt said...

hi nichol!
what a great post! i love all the fabric! thank you for linking to them so i could see them! your enthusiasm for your art is soooo contagious. I love your sketch books! What a wonderful record of all of your dolls and ideas.
:) melissa

meg said...

The super hero in the middle with that fantastic cape looks great! I understand about the fabric. It's hard not to sqeee! and eeek! and pick them all. After sketching and thinking about how to construct a toy sometimes I just rush in without thinking. I'm so sorry about your wrist--sometime acupuncture takes a few visits to work, so keep at it.

Susan said...

Nichol, I am so sorry about your hand and wrists. It's not fun when an artist has painful hands. I hope the acupuncture works for you. I have been reading your blog regularly, but haven't taken the time to comment. Hang in there and let your blog friends know if we can do anything.
Hugs :)