Monday, October 13, 2008

New Blog

Just a reminder that I have a new blog and will no longer post on this one.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sunday, October 5, 2008

New additions and a superb Saturday

A few more Plushies in my shop for you to browse...

So last night was wonderful.  Bloomington hosts this amazing international music festival called Lotus Fest each year and Joseph and I were too lame to budget in some tickets, but due to an encouraging friend (thanks Erin) we still went and experienced all the free stuff there was (Yay free!).  The weather was like something out of a dream, and there was music everywhere.  It reminded me of being in downtown Memphis at night (where I went to school) and walking down Beale street and hearing different bands whenever a group went in or out of a bar, only it was less smoky and on a much grander scale with more wild art about.  My favorite part of our night was watching this parade that involved this marching band that seemed like they marched straight out of some underground sub culture.  They had on these punked up band uniforms and there were stilt walkers.  I fell in love.  If not for Joseph and Albert, I might have marched away with them off to the magical, noisy place they came from.  I have a deep affinity for parades----especially the low on budget-high on soul, clunky, papier mache sort of parades.  It was great, Albert (my dog, incase you didn't know) even came, though the stilt guys freaked him out.  He is pretty little, so he doesn't do so well with "tall".   Here are some highlights to things we saw:

Thursday, October 2, 2008

And then there were three more

In my shop, yearning for a couch to stretch out on...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Now Available....

I'm kind of going to take it easy from the sewing for awhile.  The chiropractor is doing all these experiments on me and it makes my body a little tired.  Although, I do have some exciting October projects happening, so I won't rest too long.  Also, tonight I have my pottery class with my Peanut Gallery friend, Erin.  It's pretty awesome, and I am surprised I have yet to blog about it because it is the highlight of my week----if I can remember, I will take some photos tonight of my projects for you to see---they are kind of clay-ized pillow monsters.

Monday, September 29, 2008

When You're Strange....

Oh to be strange.  So much more fun than normalcy.  So this weekend was the climax of all my hard work:  The Strange Folk Festival.  This was my fist time doing anything like this, and I couldn't have picked a better festival to break myself in, or perhaps maybe they are all like this one, but somehow I doubt it, as I don't often hear of many craft festivals involving an alpaca petting zoo, but I could be wrong.  

Selling on Etsy is very fun, especially when the sale is to someone over an ocean, but on Etsy I can't hear any reactions or see any faces to note whether they are smiling or not.  In the three dimensional, real world, however, I can see all of that.  I have to admit, it was a little intimidating at first.  I imagine a parent who has a child that gets asked to be in a commercial on TV has a similar sort of feeling.  I just set them all up on my table and exposed them to the Strange Folk masses.  It was great though.  People laughed out loud, and some even came back to laugh some more.  Other people smiled and some looked a little confused.  One of the confused ones did buy a pig-girl because she said, "this doesn't make any sense, and that is why I like it," which was kind of nice.  My favorite reaction though was from a Brownie who was at the Festival all day selling girl scout cookies with her troop.  I don't think she will grow up to be a business woman because she tired quite early with the cookie sales and would frequently stop by my table and pick up a different pillow monster to look at.  She didn't say much to me, but I could sort of tell that she was inventing stories about the creatures, which delighted me.  

Sales weren't fantasmigorical, but I did have some people whose plush I adore buy some things which made the weekend really special. Katie from SkunkBoyCreatures bought a bear girl which was really exciting for me---I found myself a little Plushie star-struck by her because I have admired her creatures on Etsy for awhile now.  Also, Shannah, from Das Kaninchen was there---she makes amazing rabbits, and she bought an Elephant girl.  Then, I got to meet the man behind the Crammed Organisms show, David Wolk, who had on these neon striped knee-high socks and an aura of fun surrounding him AND he gave me my Crammed Organisms book, which I have been obsessively checking my mail box for and am now relieved that I can stop.  I feel a little frantic in this blog entry and I am hoping I haven't left out any important tid bits from the weekend.  A want to say a really quick thank you to the girl in the mosaic above who bought three pillow monsters and made me blush with her patron-ing of my booth (she bought not one, not two, but three (!))!  Thanks so much, and I love your dog!  


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Strange Friends for Strange Folks

I'm inching my way to the finish line, slowly and surely for the Strange Folk show.  I just have one pair of giraffe legs to do, one teeny tiny pair, and for the life of me I just couldn't do them today.  There is one sad, leg-less giraffe sitting next to her completely-limbed giraffe friends on my shelf.  "Don't worry, they're comin' sistah!"  In other limb news (I have to break my "no whiny" rule), I broke down and went to a chiropractor to seek out some relief from my repetitive strain injury and back problems.  This was my first visit to a chiropractor and I think things will go well----he did a thorough exam on me and showed genuine concern for the pain I have.  He also listened to and answered all of my questions which I have found to be a rare thing with doctors.....not to mention that in the waiting room was some freshly baked banana bread, so I am pretty sure I chose the right place.  Tomorrow he discusses his game plan with me.  Best case scenario for me is he cracks my bones and the pain immediately dissipates and afterwards I eat a slice of warm banana bread and go home to some fierce pillow monstering.