Thursday, April 17, 2008

Little Red Riding Hood

Here is my top secret Crammed Organisms entry.  I may try another one before the deadline, but I am pretty happy with how she turned out, though if I do make another, I will put 2 ears on the wolf hood and make her eyebrows more angry.  Below is the story I am including.  She may not be as sweet and endearing as Billy Bob, but give her a break!  I mean, a wolf ate her Grandmother for crying out loud!  Also, I just wanted to be a bit darker for this one.  I apologize in advance if I scare anyone!  My takeoff is from the story where the Grandma lives.  

Little Red Riding Hood, upon the death of the Big Bad Wolf, asked the heroic woodsman to help her carry the wolf's body to the town's taxidermist.  While waiting for the taxidermy to be complete, Little Red Riding Hood taught herself how to sew.  She immersed herself into her new craft and practiced various stitches by making fabric coasters.  She found the stitching to be very therapeutic after her traumatic experience with the Big Bad Wolf.  She would give out her practice coasters as gifts, and there wasn't a person in town with rings on their tables after she was done learning how to sew.  When the taxidermy was complete, Little Red Riding Hood picked up the fur of the Big Bad Wolf and walked over to Grandma's house.  Together, she and Grandma used very sharp scissors to cut the Big Bad Wolf into bits.  They did this while sipping black tea and eating lemon cookies.  Then, with the sharpest needle she could find, Little Red Riding Hood pieced the bits of the Big Bad Wolf back together to fashion herself a new hoodie. She felt very satisfied as she pierced through the fur.  While sewing, Little Red Riding Hood reminisced about her experience with the Big Bad Wolf, and she knew that through experience comes wisdom and that never again would she be had.  She also knew that on her walks to Grandma's house she would be bringing along her freshly sharpened knitting needles. Should another unpleasant wolf come around, she won't be needing any more rescuing from any Woodsmen. 


N said...

Ooooh, I love, love, love her - It's like you made her just for me! Any chance she will be going to the etsy shop? Dibs on her if so!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha! You telling "scary stories" reminds me of when you added a dog with a really funny name that I can't remember (Snickers, maybe?) to the Pennywise story to try to make it a little lighter. That was one of the funniest stories ever when you got done with it. Congrats on all your pillow monster stuff! It suits you perfectly. Hope to see you next summer!

-Christa of the CITs 1-9-9-6 (woop! woop!)

stacysews said...

I love this one! Very creative and I love the theme!

Anonymous said...

Wow. This pillow monster came at the perfect time for me. I'm finally seeing a therapist for some disturbing stuff that happened in my childhood, and it's really healing to see "Red" come into her own in this way. Thanks for sharing your creations and thanks for creating their stories.


tower creations said...

I like this one the best too. good job. way to be creative. I love how it looks like she made the wolf costume, with the stitched face, kind of creepy but very nice.

Melissa & Emmitt said...

hi nichol!
i absolutely love her! she will be a hit at the show. I love the fabrics you used and her bio is absolutely perfect!
Totally inspiring!
:) Melissa

littlesnoring said...

Wow, she is great. I love your work... just wanted to de-lurk to say that.

Nichol Brinkman said...

Thanks everyone, now with all the warm fuzzies I will not make another--I like her just the way she is and I'll send her off to the Crammed Organisms show tomorrow.

Christa--thanks for stopping by! Snickers was the name. That was a photo overnight. Sigh, good times, good times. I can't wait to bring everyone down with our lip sync at the 100th.

That is so awesome, I am glad "Red" was healing to you in some way--that made me really happy. I wish you all the best. Thanks so much for writing.

Little Snoring,
Thanks for the de-lurk! I checked out your blog---very nice. I will definitely be back to visit.


Kuky said...

Little Red Riding Hood is great! I love the stitch detail on where they hacked the wolf into bits! Or cut to be more accurate. I just liked saying hacked to bits better.