Friday, April 25, 2008


I made an appointment with an acupuncturist.  So maybe (please locate wood and knock on it) this will be the answer.  There has been no improvement in my hands and wrists, and actually now my ring and pinky finger have begun to do their own little dance without my permission.  If I stretch my hands out, or touch my index finger to my thumb, those little rebels just shake involuntarily.  I'm trying to have a good humor about it, but really I am devastated and kinda grumpy.  I tried to cut felt the other day while practicing mind over matter (the felt cutting is for this amazing request of a pillow monster in a cockatiel hoodie) and my wrists and forearm felt like they were burning after only a couple of minutes.

I keep having fantasies about how perfect life will be when my hands are healed.  I will get a part-time job making coffee again, which is not so bad really because coffee smells so good and it's not a job you really take home with you (unless you count that free bag they give you and that is a good thing, oh yes).  I will spend more time designing my pillow monsters and I will learn how to make movable pillow monster limbs, I'll be more patient and have better craftsmanship, I will do yoga and respect my body and read every book at Barnes and Noble (while drinking a cafe mocha with extra whipped cream on top) on ergonomical what-have-you and put it into practice in my studio, and everyone will join hands and sing and world peace will ensue.  

Thanks so much to everyone for your comments, they really helped--more than you know.


Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Nichol!
I am so glad you are not just pushing through the pain. Acupuncture is a wonderful idea and I know it will be better in no time. You are very special to be able feel and express the gratitude for the things you do in the present moment even if it is not the exact picture you want right now. You inspire me on so many levels. Have a wonderful weekend!
Your friend,

Erin said...

Hey Nichol-
I am so sorry about your hands and wrists- I wish you the best with acupuncture- I like the picture you posted! I am thinking of bringing my fam to your craft show on Saturday, is it at St. Pauls? I know where that is! What time?
Also- I'd like to have you and Joseph over for dinner sometime soon, so let me know what times you guys might be available, I know this week is pretty busy for Mike as he is finishing up with stuff.
Good luck with everything- maybe see you tomorrow!

Eva said...

sometimes healing takes way longer than you expect or want it to. i think acupuncture is a good idea. i was close to trying it when i hurt my knee. my knee took 6 months to heal and i don't even know what was wrong with it. i don't really like to go to doctors offices, because they seem to just want to give you pain medication and not fix the underlying problem. i would recommend physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractors (who actually probably saved me from a life of permanent pain- as a kid i had formed a bad case of scoliosis and was about to be operated on by regular doctors, until my parents decided i was too young and they wanted to explore another option- we tried the chiropractor despite the fact that the doctors i was going to all laughed at the idea. all i know is that they fixed me and i will always be grateful!!! maybe give them a try too if acupuncture doesn't work for you) it's scary when your body doesn't co-operate with you and it's hard to not let the negative thoughts catch up to you... but with some more time- i think you will be ok. keep positive! :)

mimi k said...

good luck- I hope it feels better soon. How incredibly frustrating. It might be a good time for library research. If this happened to me, maybe I'd get through all those piled up magazines that I've never gotten around to reading!

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about you this week and hope your hands & wrist start to get better soon. It's easy to get frustrated when the body doesn't cooperate, but hang in there! I hope the rest and the accupuncture help. Love ya!! Aunt Cathy

Natalie said...

Hi Nichol,
Acupuncture is sure to help! And look after you injury, rest it on a heat pack when you can, and lightly massage with some soothing oils. Try to visualize it healing - you'd be surprised what the body is capable of with a little positive thinking. Besides, where would we all be without our Pillow Monster fix?
Wishing you good health and speedy healing!
P.S. I have just started a blog, and added a little blurb about your site at the end of my first post - just thought I should clue you in!

Nichol Brinkman said...

Thanks so much---you always give me such kind and encouraging words!

Erin, Yes! Dinner would be awesome!

Sorry about your knee. Bodies are so frustrating. I hear so many different stories about chiropractors, some sound like a nightmare and some sound like dreams come true. I'm happy for you that your scoliosis didn't require surgery. What a scary thing for a kid to have to think about. Thanks again.

Mimi, I actually have started reading those books that I have always had on my bookshelf with the intention to read some day. Right now I am reading Flowers for Algernon.

Aunt Cathy,
Thanks for the encouraging words and for dropping by!

Where is your blog? I couldn't link over to it from your comment--I would love to see it. The acupuncturist I found is also giving me a homedic (spelling?) treatment plan. I am really hoping this works. I will try your advice, and thank you for it!

Hello, I'm Sally. said...

I do so hope that the acupuncture does the trick. I'm crossing all my fingers and toes.

ArtMind said...

Hey Nichol! It's perfectly OK to take a break on sewing and getting your body in tiptop shape again. I hope the accupuncturist will help you heal . Best wish to you! :)