Saturday, April 5, 2008

Benjamin and a paper pirate

Benjamin is perhaps the only honest used car salesman there is.  He feels very passionate about his job.  He wants to find the perfect car match for people and give them the best deal ever imagined.  Sometimes he actually loses money on the deal, but he doesn't care.  The vision of a happy couple speeding off in their brand new used car is priceless to him.  People often don't trust Benjamin's friendly nature at first, but after 10 minutes, his charm wins them over.  What Benjamin loses in finances due to his aim to please, he gains in chocolates that people send him out of gratitude.  This suits Benjamin just fine.  

And now....  Look who's back!  It's Jeremiah the Pirate!

Here he is in his tighty-whities.

And, here he is fully dressed.

Here is his pirate-y wardrobe.

And, here he is in his tighty-whities and his paper hat!

Yes, I found the paint bucket!  Thanks Kuky, and thanks Joseph who helped me.  Photo Shop is FUN!  I am still 99% confused, but I feel much better now that the paint bucket has been located.  I had a lot of fun coloring Jeremiah's wardrobe.  It's not quite where I want it.  I am really interested in the idea of scanning in fabric and using that in Photo Shop, but that seems light years beyond my capabilities.  Once I figure out some more stuff, I'd like to offer a series of paper dolls in my shop.  Sometimes I can't bring myself to sew a duplicate, so this is a nice way for me to bring some characters back.  


Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Nichol!
I love your paper dolls and well, benjamin is the coolest! I have saved him to my favorites. i have him and flannery on my wish list.
have a wonderful weekend!
:) Melissa

Nichol Brinkman said...

Awesome! Thanks, Melissa!

Mary (craft addict) said...

The paper doll pirate is super cool! Using fabric is easier than you think. When you select the fill area, instead of filling it with color, you copy the fabric and paste it into the selection (in PS-CS2 there's actually a command under the Edit menu called "Paste Into).

ArtMind said...

I think paper dolls are a fab idea, Nichol! This is already looking fun! :)

Kuky said...

Oooooooh!! PAPER DOLL!! Love him! I made a couple of paper dolls years upon years ago of me and Alan. I'll have to find them.

Nichol Brinkman said...

I will have to look for that. I can't believe all the stuff you can do in this program! Thanks for the help!

Nichol Brinkman said...

Mitsy, Thanks!

Yes, yes--find them!

tower creations said...

just wanted to say I really like your monster pillows and look like they are fun to make from start to finish. i like that they have a story. do you know going into it what their story is or does it come after they are complete? anyways I think their great. I've tried making stuffed animals but haven't found my nitch for it yet. I look forward to seeing more of your pillows.