Friday, April 4, 2008

Johnny Boy and a Geisha

Johnny Boy's grandma sewed him up a this Super Hero costume to romp around in.  Johnny Boy really wants to wear it to school, but his dad doesn't think it is a good idea.  His dad says, "Well, that may distract you from your studies, Johnny Boy."
But, Johnny Boy disagrees, and he thinks it's rude if Super Heroes don't wear their Super Costumes because then people can't recognize who to call out to for help when something horrible happens.  Like, for instance, when Sally McSue dropped her contact lens in calss and couldn't find it, Johnny Boy could spot it from across the room, but because he was wearing his denim overalls and not his Super Costume, she asked Billy Bob to help her instead.

This is a custom order Geisha, I haven't thought of her story yet, but I know her name will be Hoshi and that she cut these flowers for Judy, whom she is a birthday present for.

The photoshop trial did not go well.  Because I "blog" now and because I have an "online shop" I have forgotten what a doofus I am, and have mistakingly considered myself computer savvy.   What I want to do is so simple in my head, but when I pop in Photo Shop, three windows appear with tiny little icons of mysterious tools: some which make sense, like the paint brush, others which belong to cowboys, like the lasso.  And, the tool I essentially paid for when I bought Photoshop has vanished.  Where is the paint bucket?   Where could it be?  Did someone drop it on their toe, get really mad and take out their anger on PhotoShop by replacing it with a band aid?  This tool is there--the band aid!?   *$%#(@)!! 

The whole experience took me back to my college days where people tossed around the phrase "Photo Shop" all the time.  "Just Photo Shop it!"  they'd say.  "Just Photo Shop YOU!"  I'd say.   Joseph promised to help me.  I don't know where he has been learning the secret ways of Photo Shop, but he apparently knows some.  

Sorry to be so grumpy this morning!  Have a great day--maybe I'll be able to show you a pirate paper doll tomorrow.  Cross your fingers for me please!


Melissa & Emmitt said...

oh nichol!
i love the geisha! she is beautiful!
:) Melissa

Kuky said...

Looking forward to Hoshi's story. :)

And in Photoshop, one button holds several tools. It's the buttons with the little black triangles on the corner that have more than one tool option. So if you click and hold down each tool button you can see what tools go along with that button. I'm sure that's where your bucket tool is.

suze said...

Love them all Nichol!

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful collection of friends! I love the geisha and the cute little paper boy with the pirate outfit. I just came across your Etsy store today, wonderful!

tam said...

just found your sight through kuky ideas so cute where do you get that cool fabric