Monday, February 25, 2008

Jeremiah the Pirate

Jeremiah can hold his breath for a very long time.  He practices in the bath tub.  He doesn't have a stop-watch, so he counts.  He knows he counts accurately because he puts a "Mississippi" in between the numbers.  His rubber ducks cheer him on.  Because holding his breath is his special talent, he thinks he would make a fine pirate.  He made his eye patch all by himself.  It looks very authentic because he used a piece of pleather off of his mother's couch.  She forgave him because she loves him so much.  Jeremiah's brother, Ronnie plays a game called Dungeons and Dragons, and he is an expert on a lot of things.  He says that Jeremiah is not a real pirate unless he has a cutlass.  Jeremiah doesn't know what a cutlass is, but he is saving up for one. 

The pirate hat was Joseph's idea.  He also really wanted me to make a cutlass for Jeremiah, and I had to wikipedia it because the only cutlass I knew of was the car, and I am not even 100% sure that I am right about that.   Jeremiah's ears remind me of Sloth from the Goonies, who was my second favorite character (Data was my favorite).  Goonies is great.  When I was working at an all girls camp a few summers ago, we rented The Goonies for the girls one night.  Kids don't really have much patience for things not from their generation, I think, but a few of them actually really enjoyed it.  It was a little rough though because 1980's pg is different then pg ratings of today.  They cuss a lot---especially by the 9-10 year old girl standard.  I think the 's' word got more giggles than the Truffle Shuffle, which made me a little sad.


chrishaley said...

One of these a day? Really?
That's amazing.

Also, your Goonies story made me sad.

Kuky said...

I would love to trade! I almost forgot to write that because I started reading about Jeremiah. And as usual your story that goes along with the pillow is absolutely charming and delightful.

Anonymous said...

I actually watched The Goonies with my 3 year old the other day. It's awesome. Jeremiah is a cool dude, for sure.

suze said...

I love the skull!