Sunday, April 6, 2008

Clementine and Marty

Clementine loves the smell of Lilacs, but her favorite flower is the kind that grows out of broccoli.  She boycotts broccoli because she thinks they should be allowed to grow to bloom in gardens rather than eaten with ranch dip.  Clementine has a pet rabbit, Snooky, and she and Snooky enjoy playing in the garden in Clementine's backyard.  Clementine uses the Daisies to decorate her hair.  She also picks dandelions and smashes them up in water.  This makes a kind of yellow paint, and with it Clementine paints bright and sunny pictures.

Marty owns his own cinema.  HE calls it Marty's Magnificent Movies.  He loves popcorn, so it doesn't bother him that the smell has seeped into all of his clothes.  He doesn't take any butter on his, but he takes double the salt.  Marty's favorite movies are anything by Frank Capra.  He cries every time at "It's a Wonderful Life", but they are warm and happy tears.  Marty gives big discounts to senior citizens, and if you have a well-behaved dog, then you can bring him or her on in.  When Marty shows sad, tragic movies, he stands at the door and passes out soft tissues to everyone who enters.  He loves his job.

There they are.  Have a nice and sunny Sunday.


Mary (craft addict) said...

What a sweetie that Marty is!

meg said...

a giraffe in a suit! it's too much for me to bear. said...

I think your dolls are super awesome so I posted pics of Camille and Flannery plus a link to your store on my blog.

I think Marty and Clementine are awesome too.

zJayne said...

I just found your shop because you were on Etsy's front page. Your Pillow Monster's are absolutely adorable.

I looked all around and even in sold because I was having such a good time!

I think my favorite is the tree with the boulder. What a talented mind and writer as well.


suze said...

I also love the smell of lilac's and mine are about to bloom...yay! And a big YAY to Marty for giving us seniors a discount!