Monday, June 9, 2008

A Miniature Weekend


Gwennie has such a warm and friendly soul.  She is a very tall animal, but she is told all the time that people are unsure how her heart fits inside of her because it must be so enormous.  In order to compesate for her extravagant height, Gweenie speaks in a teeny-tiny whisper.  This somehow adds importance to everything she says, because listening to her takes an extra effort.  When you do listen to Gwennie, you are in for a treat, because not only does she say the warmest things, she has a tendency to rhyme, and on the final word of her sentence she goes up on her tippy-toes.  

I think Gwennie is my favorite ever.  I have been wanting to make movable legs for awhile now, it adds so much life to a doll.  I really wish I knew how to do stomp-motion animation so that I could animate her---she looks like a gymnast when she moves.

She is right over here.

Mini Henry

Henry is a wrestler.  He is super macho and super strong and can grunt so loud that you can feel it in your belly if you are in a ten-mile radius of him.  As a child, earned candy money by lifting really heavy things for quarters in the school playground during recess.  He got in trouble though when he was asked to lift the principal.  He did it, but he thought he deserved at least 3 quarters, especially since he had to sit in the corner afterwards.  Henry was raised by his grandmother who taught him all of his moves.  She also taught him respect for the elderly.  That is why whenever Oscar sees an elderly person crossing the street he asks if he can carry their groceries for them, and if they also use a cane, he carries them as well.

He is 10" tall and 5" across and over here.  

I really, really enjoy working small.  There is something really satisfying about it.  Today I am going to make a pug for Melissa.  


Susan said...

Just wanted to stop in and say Hi. I love Gwennie. Hope you are being good to your hands. Take care. Hugs.

towercreations said...

what a sexy beast. love the chest hair.

Hello, I'm Sally. said...

oh, I like the poseable legs too! Super cute giraffe.