Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Albert is a fierce and competitive wrestler.  Before matches, Albert drinks a carbonated soda because part of his strategy is to let out a belch in front of his opponents.  He believes this throws them off.  He could be right, because he wins 99% of the time.  When Albert is not wrestling, he enjoys classical music and sitting on soft patches of grass with his pet pig, Petunia.  His sister, Georgette, loves Petunia and knits her clothes to wear.  albert acts like this is ridiculous, but secretly he likes it.

Albert's wrestling partner is Henry.

On a real life note, the job search is in full swing.  I had an interview today, outside in the sun which was nice and I think it went well.  I also applied for a position in a Winery in their tasting room.  I actually really like the idea of working there and becoming one of those people who are really knowledgeable about wine and know what you should drink with which kind of food and whatnot.  If I get an interview there, I will probably have to read up on wines to have a little bit of background info.  My mom always drank Wine in a Box, which I don't think is something you are supposed to like if you are a wine connoisseur.  I also really like that movie Sideways.  Anyway, we shall see.  Have a wonderful day.


Hello, I'm Sally. said...

Ha! Funny wrestling guys!

Good luck with the job search. :)

bozoette said...

I love your rasslers!

Melissa & Emmitt said...

hi nichol!
i love the pair of wrestlers! albert is a great name of course!
i am so excited about your interviews. i know you will get a job you just love!
:) melissa

KiTTYPiNKSTaRS said...

These guys are fab! I'm loving watching their daily wrestling matches on my lawn!!