Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Regina has a keen fashion sense.  It was a gift from birth.  Her mother told her that even as a baby, Regina cried if her diaper didn't match her booties.  Regina goes to school in a big city where she is studying to be a fashion designer.  She rents a room above am elderly woman named Gertrude who bakes rhubarb pies twice a week.  Gertrude doesn't charge Regina rent.  Instead, in exchange for the room, Regina designs Gertrude's wardrobe.  She hand-makes the most fashionable dresses, knee-high knitted stockings and sassy head gear.  The members of Gertrude's bridge club are most envious of her outfits.

Regina is here waiting to tell you what not to wear.

Over the next couple of days I am going to work on a special request for Darby who made this drawing of Victor, and whose name I love.  Isn't it charming?  The wild thing is--the request is a present for her for her golden birthday the 29th of May.  My golden birthday is the 28th!  Crazy world.  I don't know what to do on my birthday.  Joseph and I might do something creative like dinner and a movie, which is fine, I mean I joke about it, but those are my two favorite things to do. But, I should do something extra for the golden part.  It would be great if I could go on a tour of a chocolate factory with a golden ticket, that would be the most appropriate thing.  


Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Nichol!
Oh! I love your new dolls! Your work just makes me happy!
Happy early birthday!

Hello, I'm Sally. said...

I just read that you're supposed to drink champagne on your golden birthday, I had to look up what a golden birthday was!

Victor will be fun to make. Hope all is well with the nerves and stuff.

Hello, I'm Sally. said...

I forgot to say that I like the new title!

Nichol Brinkman said...


Anonymous said...

Regina is fabulous (as always). I'd totally love to have someone make my wardrobe.