Thursday, May 22, 2008


My arms have been doing a great deal better, but I still sometimes feel pain and I don't want to overdo it.  I still was itching to sew, but I didn't want to work on anything big, so Benny was born.  At the fabric shop I finally found glow-in-the-dark thread.  I have been drooling over the fact of its existence after stumbling upon these.  I wanted to start a new line of huggly little pillow monsters who smile and close their eyes when the lights go out.  I think they would be a comfort for children who are afraid of the dark.  This idea was inspired by my friend Molly who gave a little boy at camp one of those plastic glow stars when he confided in her that he didn't like the dark.  The star helped him survive that week, and then he even brought it back with him the next year.

The glow really is strong.  The picture doesn't show that, but you can actually use him to find your way to the fridge for a midnight snack!
Have Benny help YOU find a midnight snack!  You can get him here!

Tomorrow Joseph and I leave for the Tetons where my brother is getting married.  I have never been to the Tetons and I'm hoping to see some bears and buffalos.  I'm the photographer of the event, so I'll have all sorts of pictures to share with you.  If you are Aaron or Maureen DON'T LOOK at this next part.  I wanted to show you these Etsy finds that I got them as a present:

This is from HiTree.  I thought it would be a sweet reminder of their wedding day since they are having a nature-y wedding.

I got them these from an interesting shop called postdesigner.  I was searching for anything weimereiner since that is the dog they have (his name is Duke).  Aaron is very hard to shop for, he doesn't really like "things", I don' know Maureen too well yet, but who wouldn't like these plates?  I think to be on the safe side I will also get them a practical cooking gadget or something.


tower creations said...

ah. cute. It's great when you get inspired and something great comes out of something bad. It sucks that your arms still hurt but this little bundle of cuteness came out of it. The presents you got are awesome. I don't know these peeps personally but if I were receiving them I'd think they were bad ass. I love thoughtful and original gifts. good job.

Eva said...

oh my gosh- i LOVE that tree from HiTree, i might have to get one of those! i have a thing for plush tree... among so many others... plush owls, plush things with antlers.... and so many more. oh btw, i can send you the picture of me in my cubicle if you'd like :) let me know

Kuky said...

Glow in the dark THREAD?! How freakin' awesome!

I have a soft spot for glow in the dark stuff. I remember being all happy seeing a picture of a car in the glow in the dark color. I was convinced that it must glow in the dark but I don't think it did.

And when I was about 20 years old I got a pack or two or three of glow in the dark stars and covered our bedroom with them. I was sad when we moved and left them behind. Aaaah now I want them again. I am a big kid.