Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Bruno has a hairy past involving some bad seeds.  But one day when he went into a taco shack and heard a Simon and Garfunkel song "I Am a Rock", Bruno decided to change his life around.  After his mind was made up, everything changed.  Even his taco had a better taste to it.  He is now a janitor for an elementary school.  His favorite part of his job is the mopping.  He loves everything about it:  Filling the bucket up with warm water and watching the bubbles multiply, squishing the excess water out of the mop, and then making all the shoe prints disappear.  The children at the school really like Bruno.  He doesn't talk to them, but they can tell that he has the heart of a teddy bear.  To make Bruno's job easier the children made a pact that never again would they stick their gum under their desks.  Bruno appreciates their chivalry. 

Bruno is hanging out over here.  It was hard thinking of a song that could turn Bruno's life around.  I wanted an Elvis one because he is my fave, but I couldn't pick one.  

Today I am going to roller blade in the park.  I have to do it soon though because it is embarrassing how bad I am, and at this hour hardly anyone is in the park (Bloomington as a whole sleeps in, I think).  I used to be pretty good, I actually used my roller blades to get to work during my college years.  I don't know what has happened between then and now, but when I went out for a little test spin it was as if someone had sprayed all the streets with Pam.  


Anonymous said...

Have fun skating! I haven't done it in years. It's probably long past time to take my skates to Goodwill instead of letting them just sit in my storage room.

Crystal said...

He reminds me of someone from a circus side show act ca. 100 years ago. One of the strongmen perhaps. I love him!

I bet my skates have rusted beyond use.

deb said...

Bruno is gorgeous. Thanks for the story about your name - it is lovely.

Kuky said...

I love Bruno's mustache!

And skating. Wow I haven't done that in a long time. When I was little I'd go flying down hills and doing spins. Then when I got older I tried it and it scared me.

Jenny S said...

Bruno's big moustache and rainbow braces are so cool!
I love him x

KiTTYPiNKSTaRS said...

He is so fantastic! I have added him to my wishlist!