Friday, May 23, 2008

Love, love, love

Since I am headed to the Tetons today to witness my brother's holy matrimony (and to hopefully witness some never-before-seen-by-me wildlife [show yourselves grizzly bears!]) I thought I would post some pictures of "Pillow Monster Happy Endings".  

Here are the love bears in action.  I love this picture---I think the bride and groom are glowing with love, love, love.  This is Jaime and Peter with their love bears.  You should also check out Jamie's Etsy shop.  This is my favorite item there.

And here is Mizz Monsta with her special request that ended up being her secret twin sister.  Mizz Monsta was so much fun to work with.

I wanted to post a picture of Eva with Annie, but I was having trouble with the photo.  However she blogged about it.  The picture is great because in it you can see Eva's plush collection, so you need to hop over to her blog.  

Since we are on the subject of love and weddings and such, I wanted to share these two photos with you.  I love looking at photos from my parents wedding.  It's so strange to me to see them when they were my age without the slightest idea of the four kids they were going to bring into the world.  Here is my mom in 1972 with her bridesmaids.   She had a rainbow wedding which I thought was the cat's pajamas, and I wanted to have one just like it.  This is my favorite photo of her and them. 

And here in 2007 is my wedding.  My bridesmaids are awesome.  They really matched the expressions on the faces in the picture above.  An extra coincidence is that Miss Yellow below is actually the daughter of Miss Yellow above.  We met each other at the summer camp that our moms went to as kids and we have remained close since then.  

And, one last little thing in case you have been following along.  I never got to Darby's special request.  I want it to reman a surprise in case she checks the blog, so I won't show you my sketches for it, however I will tell you that it is an under the sea creature and here is some fabric I will be using.

Have a love, love, lovely weekend!


Melissa & Emmitt said...

What a great post Nichol!
You totally made me smile with all of your pictures. I cannot wait to see the new creature! The fabric is fab!
Have a happy holiday weekend!
Melissa & Emmitt

Eva said...

have a fun weekend! i love those wedding pictures!! what a neat idea to re-create your mom's wedding picture and i love that you chose same color theme but more updated- so fun!

suze said...

hey there Nichol!
As soon as I saw those hats I knew it was the 70's. I was in a rainbow wedding in the early 70's.
Glad you are feeling better.

bozoette said...

Those pictures are just wonderful! All happiness to the new bride and groom, too. Wanted to let you know that I just adopted Virgil!