Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Wedding in the Tetons

Here are a few of my favorite shots from my brother and new sister in law's (!) wedding in the Tetons.  The wedding itself was really beautiful in its own unique way---it was freezing and rainy and at one point there was even snow, but all of that stuff combined with a view of the mountains and this once in a life-time event made the whole thing heightened (pun not intended) and beautiful.  I was the photographer so I was running around like a little chipmunk with my camera, but I think I got some really nice shots, though it would have been difficult not to because of the dramatic sky and great view.  
Sadly, I did not see any moose or grizzly bears.  Everyone else did, and I was definitely on the lookout, but alas, they hid themselves from me, the scoundrels.  I did see some buffalo with their calves (?) about 10 yards away from me, which was amazing, and I saw elk a plenty.  The closest I got to seeing moose was this butter at the reception:

I also was able to catch Old Faithful at Yellowstone.  I say that like Old Faithful and I go way back, but to be completely honest, I had no idea what Old Faithful was, it sounds like a one man band.  So, in case you are like me, here you go.  It was really impressive.  They have it set up like an arena, with benches in a semi-circle around the geyser, and every 92 minutes, people appear out of no where to watch the steam eruption.  Also, I should note, because I don't think Wikipedia is immature enough to mention this, but there is a lot of poop around Old Faithful and the surrounding hot springs and geysers.  There isn't any vegetation around there, so it is not as if herds of Elk are coming in for a snack, I think they just might come there to relax and warm up and leave a dropping or two, but by the excess of poo I would have to say that it is a port-o-potty-hot-spot (again with the puns) for wild life.  It was really fun to watch this natural spectacle that humans have nothing to do with, but something about it made me feel very lonely and small.  Maybe because it doesn't matter if we are here to watch it or not, it will go off because that is what it does.

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