Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Victor is the food critic of his local newspaper, the Beacon.  He is not sure, but he thinks his job is the best in the whole world.  He got the job because he is very good at thinking of interesting ways to describe food.  He once described a cheeseburger from his local diner as tasting "like a summer day on my favorite roller coaster".  Victor never passes up dessert, and he will never give a restaurant 5 stars  if they don't have cherries to top off their sundaes.  No, indeed.  Victor also thinks that fashion rule about not wearing horizontal stripes if you have a heavy frame is ridiculous.

Yesterday I sewed up this little drawstring bag for Milo and Martha to fit in.  The woman who bought them was the first non-family member (aka pity purchase) to buy something of mine off of Etsy.  She bought Myles awhile back and then left me the sweetest feedback.  I wanted to make something extra for her, so I made the bag for them to fit in (I got the idea off of Elsie Marley's blog).

On a different, number filled, BLAH note, I don't think I can put off my taxes any longer.  They must be done.  I thought of trying to play Dr. Frankenstein and sewing me up a bright accountant with his own knitted calculator, giving him all my paper work and then skipping town and going to an arcade or something very child-like and non-tax related (but, not the movies, sigh.  Have you seen the selection?).  What was a few really interesting side-jobs and resume-one liners for me:  giant-puppet-maker, museum-mural-painter, pillow-monster-sewer is now a pile of receipts and confusion.  I suppose it is worth it, though because as scared as I am to add and subtract numbers, last year I didn't have to say "would you like to make that a large for 40 cents more?" or "Would you like anything from the bake case with that?" or "Will you be using your *insert name of corporation* card?  If not, have you heard about our exciting program?"  That was something I had to do for a long time, and each time I said one of those things I felt a tiny black dot landing on my soul.   


Melissa & Emmitt said...

Victor is fabulous, and I love the bag you made! You are so creative!
:) Melissa

Eva said...

how adorable! and look at the sweet tags and everything. very professional and cute :)

ArtMind said...

That is such a sweet gesture! Isn't it fantastic to surprise people! She will be thrilled!
Victor looks hot! :)

meg said...

oh, much nicer than mine. congratulations on the sale!

Kuky said...

Alan asked me just this morning...oh wait it's after midnight, yesterday morning about our taxes. I just finished them a couple of hours ago. Taxes...what a pain!