Monday, March 31, 2008


Camille lives in Paris, France with her pet rat, Monsieur Claude.  Camille is studying to be an artist.  She paints portraits of Monsieur Claude in all types of light.  Claude enjoys this very much because he believes himself to be very handsome.  When Camille is not practicing her painting, she is baking pies.  Her pies taste like heaven because she makes them very slowly and always doubles the sugar.  She names her pies after people she loves.  The one with the apples is named Claude.

Yesterday Joseph and Albert and I went to visit Joseph's family in Salem, IL.  The creator of Miracle Whip is from Salem.  It was a bit of a horrible ride over because Albert sometimes gets the most horrible gas.  It would not have been too much of a problem except that I have this irrational fear that Albert will jump out the window if any are rolled down.  Albert is such a great dog.  He is so smart and sweet and loves laps.  We got him from the Humane Society, and when we took him home he just knew how to do all these tricks.  He was obviously well-loved, so I wasn't sure how in the world he ended up in the pound.  Then, one day in the car he managed to roll the window down all by himself by putting his little paw on the button, so the idea formed in my head that he must have abandoned ship one day, out the window, and then got disoriented.  So, it was a pretty stinky ride up.  But, that's okay, I love my Albert.


Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Nichol!
I love Camille! I saw her in your etsy shop last night. i have your monsters on my wish list and will definitely be getting one soon.
albert is so cool. i have seen him with your monsters and he is a sweetie! i think just like you do - i would be worried about putting the window down too.
I am gald you had a fun road trip!
melissa and emmitt

Mary (craft addict) said...

Poor gassy Albert! And poor you for that stinky ride. Camille's quite lovely; I bet her pies are divine.

Crystal said...

At least you have a SMALL stinky dog. Sahara isn't and thus neither is

meg said...

great lips!

cookie said...

love these! how cute and clever!