Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Otis is very good at standing still.  He loves to people watch, but is painfully shy and fears someone may ask him a question or get bothered by his staring.  He has a tree suit he wears to the park, and because he can stand so still and be so quiet, he goes unnoticed.  On a rare occasion a child will look up at him and be delighted that there is a tree with a smiling ace looking back down at them.  When this happens, Otis reaches out his hand and gives them the nickels and dimes that he picks up on his walks to the park.  Then he whispers, "money really does grow on trees!"  And the children skip of happily, dreaming of the super bouncy ball they will get when they put their change into the machine at the grocery store.  Otis is over here now.

My dad used to drop dimes out of the holes in his pockets so that my brothers and I would find them and be able to get gumballs at the grocery store.  I think he didn't want to spoil us, so he wouldn't just give them to us when we asked.  Plus it was more fun to just find them.  

I am a little bit concerned about my arm which feels funny.  I might not sew today and just take it easy, I really hope I didn't give myself carpal tunnel syndrome with my pillow monster pursuits---probably not though.  


Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Nichol!
I hope your arm is feeling much better today.

I love Otis and your story for him. I love how they show a wonderful aspect of people in your life.
:) Melissa

Nevis said...

Wow! Found your site from Melissa.

What amazing art you make! I love, love, love your pillow monsters!

Eva said...

oh i love this guy :) he reminds me of my childhood somehow... maybe it's cuz when i was a little kid i dreamed of having lots of money so i could drop it on the street for people to find. as a kid, i really enjoyed finding money. this little story has such warmth and it translates into the plush!

Mary (craft addict) said...

Nichol, the stories of your creations always make me smile.

I'm doing a giveaway on my blog, so check it out!

suze said...

Otis is adorable!Did you see Lord of the Rings where the trees talk and walk around? That part tickles my DH.
Hope your arm feels better. Don't overdo it.

Kuky said...

Oh I love this story. :)

And yes do take it easy. I used to hurt my hands by drawing too much. Eh what am I talking about. I still do it! I don't take my own advice.