Thursday, April 17, 2008

Out of Commission for a Day

My arm continued to feel funny all day.  Not so much painful as numb, weak and tingly.   So I bought this cool brace and stayed away from sewing. The brace makes me feel like I am an athlete with a sports injury.  In some ways the brace is fun, because I can ask Joseph to do all sorts of things for me, like bring me tea, crank the Whirley Pop  and do the dishes.  He's on to me though, especially since I try to get him to do that stuff all of the time.  The timing of my bizarre arm sensations couldn't be more ironic (I am always afraid I will misuse that word and get made fun of like Alanis Morriset did).  Taxes were really ugly for me this year because I did a lot of mural work and had all these non W2 forms.  I ended up owing quite a bit, and I was so frustrated.  I had to keep reminding myself that I believe in taxes because they help fix potholes and fund public schools and other good things.  I am not quite as thrilled about funding the war, but the schools and potholes--they are good.  (now say this in a whiney voice) But, what about ME?  (end whiney voice).  Why can't Uncle SAM fork over a little of that money so that we all can get advice from a real doctor instead of searching for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome on google in hopes to find some pedestrian type of remedy?  

I'm not going to dwell.  I found some excersizes to do, and everything will be okay.
Here are some pillow monster photo shoots for your amusement.  Tomorrow I will have my entry for the Crammed Organisms show complete.  I can't wait to show you!


Crystal said...

WHOOO HOO The Indy Star!!! Congrats! I actually went to the DR once for the same thing you are suffering. I didn't have CP bad enough to diagnose with their stupid tests. They told me to take some Vitamins (which lasted all of a month cuz I never remembered to take them.) It was 1500 mg of Vitamin C, B complex (500 mg?), and something else, I want to say a daily vitamin.

Nichol Brinkman said...

Thanks for writing Crystal. So did the vitamins help? Because I am going to try them. Good to hear from you, I keep meaning to write you a letter.

Crystal said...

They might have helped if I ever remembered to take them on a consistant basis. PS I am in MI now.