Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gary and Lucia

Gary has a motorcycle.  He loves riding it and feeling the wind on his face and the sun on his back.  Sometimes after a long ride in the summer he has to pick the bugs out of his beard.  Gary enjoys singing show-tunes, but it doesn't match his persona, so he only sings them while going very, very fast down a remote highway.  He can really belt it out, but is still embarrassed at the thought of being heard, so during the extra showy parts of the show-tunes, he revs up his engine.  At gas stations, he snacks on beef jerky and follows it with Orange Crush.  You can say hi to Gary over here at my store.

Lucia has two love birds, Maxwell and Monique.  Lucia only hopes that one day she can be as in love with someone as Maxwell and Monique are in love with each other.  Lucia is a romantic at heart.  She listens to Marvin Gaye every morning while she makes her strawberry pancakes.  In the evening she recites love sonnets to her birds before she puts the blanket over their cage and tells them good night.  Because Maxwell and Monique are so very in love, Lucia does not need to work.  She trades their love bird eggs for everything she needs in this world.  She very much enjoys this arrangement and she thanks her lovey, dovey friends by giving them honey water out of a champagne glass to sip on.  Lucia is humming "I heard it through the Grapevine" over here.


Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Nichol!
Oh these are wonderful! My heart jumps for joy with all of your wonderful dolls!
:) Melissa

ArtMind said...

Nichol, when I see photo's of your work, I don't look at the little story you make up for them. I try to make my own story and then I go read yours! I think that's great fun - am I weird? ;)
I was thinking in the same direction about Gary but I had it all wrong about Lucia! In my story she was sipping tea instead of champagne! :)

Nichol Brinkman said...

Thanks so much Melissa!

That is pretty cool. So is it that apparent that Gary sings show-tunes? He would be so embarrassed. We won't tell him.

Thanks for commenting,