Saturday, March 15, 2008

One Flew Over The Koo-Koo's Nest

Edmund Glickstein the Dinosaur.  Edmund is  descendent of the Glickseins, a family of dinosaurs that have escaped extinction.  The seem to have escaped extinction due to their friendly nature.  Edmund is always nervous that someone will find out he is a dinosaur, so when he has conversations with people around town, he distracts them with compliments and politeness.  People are so impressed with his demeanor, they forget about his sharp and scary fangs!

Shelton is a super hero.  After a very awkward childhood, due to his extraordinarily large ears, Shelton has decided that instead of letting the world get him down, he is going to help the world up.  Ironically, the very ears that caused him to be teased are the same ears that allow him to soar above the clouds looking for crime (think Dumbo).  He hasn't told anyone about his double life as a super hero, except for his neighbor, Delores, because she is good at sewing and he needed a costume.   Before Shelton fights crime he listens to that song "The Eye of the Tiger" because it pumps him up!

It is 12:30 and I can't sleep!  It probably doesn't help that I live in a college town and Spring Break is just about to end.  It was a quiet week here in Bloomington, but now I think everyone has returned from visiting their families anxious to be amongst friends and stay up to the wee hours giggling at a close proximity to my window.  One night I woke up and was amazed at this really long stretch of thunder, I was groggy but really impressed that thunder could last so long, until I peeked out my window and saw someone pushing someone else in a shopping cart down my street.  

So, I love Super Shelton.  Joseph thinks he looks more like an opera singer than a super hero.  He says Super Heros have their Super Logos on their shirts, not buttons, and then I got that, "You're such a girl eye roll."  Well, in MY world Super Heros dress like fancy gentlemen/and or ladies and wear BUTTONS.


amy said...

Wow, I am thoroughly impressed. I've seen a lot of felt dolls and the likes on Etsy, but yours are by far the cooooooolest. You do one a day? I give you a lot of credit.

futuregirl said...

Edmund rocks the house. I *love* that open, sideways mouth. Brilliant.

And I like Shelton's buttons, too.

Melissa & Emmitt said...

I love your dolls! It is amazing you can create one of these everyday! Wonderful!

Joel Priddy said...

Shelton looks like he's saying "WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!" which surely makes him fly faster.

Erin said...

I love love love your pillow monsters- they are so cool. And I feel your pain about Bloomington! I live here too, my husband is a student, but I promise it wasn't him outside with a shopping cart!