Friday, March 14, 2008

Tess and Alex

This is Tess.  she is a violinist.  She has been playing since she was very young.  She loves to make beautiful music under the oak tree outside of her house.  She's not sure, but she thinks the birds linger on its branches just to listen to her performance.  She writes music about people falling in love for the first time.  People call her mousy because her voice never rises above a whisper.  But, even though her voice is tiny, her heart is larger than a blue whale.

Alex loves the Spring time.  Sometimes nature puts him in awe.  He can't believe flowers just grow all on their own.  One time he stared at the buds on the tree in his front yard for what seemed like five million hours, just to see if he could see a leaf being born.  His brother, Tommy, told him he only stared for five minutes, but Alex is sure that it was more like five million hours.  His favorite flowers are tulips, and when he sees some he stops to draw them in his sketch pad.

Have a lovely spring weekend everyone!

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suze said...

Welcome back Nichol,
I thought I had left you a comment when you first returned but I don't think it took. To answer your question, I don't think there is a mail art club. You just send to other bloggers whose address you have. Send me your address on my e-mail and I will send you mail art.