Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tony the Weather-Man

Tony is a weather man for his local public television network.  On days when the weather is gray or stormy, he fakes a cold and calls in sick because he can't stand to be the bearer of bad news.  He loves to be loved.  The thought of telling his loyal viewers that there will be clouds in the sky makes him break out into hives, which linger for days and for which he apologizes profusely when he's back on the air.  He practices gesturing towards wind currents in front of the bathroom mirror every morning.  He likes putting in a sassy hip sway to emphasize those currents, and also to emphasize his abilities on the dance floor.

Isn't Albert handsome?  

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Joel Priddy said...

What a sharp dresser!

Nichol Brinkman said...

He's dressed to impress.

Susan said...

Tony is HOT!

Craftypiggie said...

omg he is sooooo fine lol thats what my gd says hehehe my favorite
enjoy your work made me smile
hugs kat