Sunday, February 24, 2008


First, this is Lilly Bean.  Lilly Bean's real name is Lilly Ann.  Lilly Bean is her nickname because of her deep love for jelly beans.  She loves all flavors.  Her absolute favorites are the ones that come out a bit defected though, like jelly beans that have somehow morphed together to form siamese jelly beans.  She always saves those for last so that she can admire them the longest.  She is the same way with people.  She loves people that are a little different.  she also loves shy people, because she finds that they actually have very interesting things to say.  Her best friend George is very shy and sometimes she lets him have her defected jelly beans.

Now to my very good day.  On my daily blog hunt, which was delayed due to visiting brother, I found the MOST AMAZING DRAWING!!!!!  And....  incase you missed it, here it is again : !!!!!!
I've been admiring Kuky's drawings for several days now.  I went to art school (I am a painting major) and there were few, but some lucky students just knew how to use a line.  When you know how to use a line, you don't need very many of them because they just work together so simply and Kuky is one of those people that know how to use a line.  And, to see someone that knows how to use a line draw my pillow monsters!!!!  I was just utterly shocked and amazed and then I had to close my eyes and breath slow and steady because my mind was close to being blown by the beauty of the world-wide-web.  Please visit her blog and get your socks knocked off by her lines and skill (oh yeah, she sews too) and family.


Anonymous said...

I love Kuky! I found you via her blog.

Joel Priddy said...


I just found your blog, and am completely delighted! I'm expecting the birth of my son any day now, and am eager to fill his world with all sorts of creative wonderfulness. Could I request a baby-appropriate pillow monster (that is, something with no buttons or hard bits that could get torn off and choked on)?

Kuky said...

I love that Lilly Bean loves defected jelly beans. :)

And thank you for the sweet things you say about me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Even though I have an art degree, in multimedia, I am not very confident with my drawing skills at all. So seeing your words warms me to my toes.