Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Giraffe and a Bear Girl for a Saturday

Prudence's mother is a baker.  She lets Prudence lick all the chocolate off of the mixing spoons in exchange for washing the dishes.  Prudence has no problems with this because she loves doing both.  She loves the taste of warm chocolate that is still a bit lumpy.  She also loves putting her hands in warm water and scrubbing dishes very diligently.  She admits that she uses too much soap, but she can not help it, she loves looking at all the bubbles, especially when the sun shines on them and she sees a million tiny rainbows.

Alfonzo is a bit nit-picky about cleanliness.  It embarrasses him though.  He wishes he didn't notice all the dust about.  However, it isn't entirely his fault that he is the way he is.  He is just so very tall that he sees those spots that most people don't dust because they assume no one will notice.  Alfonzo has a pet cockatoo named Uma bird.  He saves all of her feathers and makes feather dusters out of them.

I love these new ones.  The fabric I used for Prudence's shirt I found in the ultra discount bin at Joanne Fabrics.  Wooo bargain.  

My brother has a cockatoo named Uma, and we don't get along very well.  There was a time when Eddie (brother) and I lived together.  He is very lenient with his bird and she is just allowed to fly all around and chew up important books of mine.  She also is very territorial.  For almost 6 months, she claimed the bathroom as her territory, and whenever I needed to use the bathroom it was a huge ordeal because I would have to put my shoes on to protect my feet which she attacks.  I don't know why she attacks feet, but I think it's because they are bird size.  Then, I would have to grab a towel and try to throw it over her so that she would think it was night time so that I could do my business without being pecked at.  It was really awful, especially when I needed to go in the middle of the night.  Uma is still alive, and she is about a million years old.  I hope this story doesn't paint me as an animal hater.  It's just Uma, honest.  Otherwise I am an animal loving vegetarian---honest to Betsy. 


Kuky said...

I love your descriptions of your dolls. :)

And that Uma? Sounds scary.

little dresses said...

I love the stories! I will read them to my kids, they love those kind of stories.

suze said...

That giraffe is too cute.You can come back to my blog to see the process you asked for on the making of my business cards.Thanks.

Susan said...

I think the story about your brother's bird is most amusing. I also love the stories and lives of your dolls. Keep it up.
Susan K.

Anonymous said...

I think you did a much better job of living with Uma than I would have. Birds freak me out a little bit and territorial birds would probably put me in a state.

Love the bios of your latest creations. Like Prudence, I enjoy licking the spoons and using too many bubbles.