Saturday, February 2, 2008

Day Eleven!

This one has soft bunny ears, and I think if it were possible, she would be an IKEA shopper.  I have been sticking to this form for my pillow monsters for a few days now.  I like it, and it gives me some time to work on my craft instead of inventing new forms.  Today I compared number 1 to number 11----and here you are:  Actually, when I posted the picture, it went to the top of the page, so you already saw it!  I think I have come pretty far.  Mainly it feels so great to be consistently using my hands to create things, something about that really affects my quality of life.  The next step is accessories.  These monsters need pockets, and pets in their pockets!  

It's a sunny day today.  Albert is ignoring me because when the sun is shining so bright, there is nothing he likes more than lying on the window sill and pretending to be a cat.  I'm of to enjoy the day, I hope you all do the same!

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Kuky said...

I like your comments about the pillows. Ikea shopper. Hee hee! and the french guy. Ha ha! :) They give me such a giggle.