Saturday, February 2, 2008

An Etsy Purchase

Ohhh, I know material things aren't supposed to bring happiness, but can this little whaley guy be the exception.  I actually saw him weeks ago while Joseph and I were in Kansas City to see an exhibition of the New Liepzig painters (which changed my life).  So in the midst of being blown away by these paintings, I went into the gift shop and there was little, humble whaley.  But, I decided to save my money, and that whaley and I weren't meant to be, UNTIL I stumbled upon him on Etsy.  Then, I knew it was meant to be.  He arrived today, along with a little comic from Mark.  I think whales are beautiful---just that these huge blobs of blubber exist and are out there floating around the ocean is great.  

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Kuky said...

I quite adore whales too. I love the necklace.

Sorry, you might be getting a bunch of comments from me since I'm going through all your posts.