Sunday, February 3, 2008

Day Twelve!!! Not One, but TWO

The Pillow Monster With Angst

Sophia the Pillow Monster and Her Very Best Friend

First off, yesterday was a great day.  Not only did I get to wear my new necklace, but I got to go ice skating, something I haven't done in years.  When I went (back in the day), the DJ was playing Ace of Base, and yesterday it was Fergie and Britney Spears---plus there were black lights.  Everything just gets better when there are black lights involved.  Ice skating is really fun.  It's even more fun when you aren't in high school anymore and all those social pressures are gone.  Joseph wasn't very good, but he was great entertainment for the parents on the sidelines supervising their kids.  He spent a great deal of the time clutching on to the wall.  After a couple of rounds, he let go, but for some reason he couldn't quite get the gliding concept, and he just sort-of shuffled---he looked a bit like Charlie Chaplin.  

So, These new pillow monsters have felt bodies.  Felt is the cat's pajamas.  It is just so easy to work with, and it's more forgiving than fabric.  I like the look of Sophia's face, and I am going to experiment more with stitched on features rather than applique.  
If anyone out there is a good story teller and you want to email me a story about a character you made up, I will make a pillow monster out of it.  It could be a nice collaboration, so I'd love to hear from you.  


suze said...

OH! They just keep getting better.
I really like the red and black guy.

Nichol Brinkman said...

Thanks Suze!