Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sweet Maria

Sweet Maria doesn't believe in weeds.  She believes dandelions are taken for granted and that they are just as beautiful as roses.  On her daily skips (she prefers skipping to walking) she picks as many dandelions as she can fit in her hands then she skips off to a garage sale, buys a mug for a nickel, fills it with water, uses it as a vase and then skips to the first house she sees and leaves a beautiful bouquet of dandelions on the door step as an anonymous present.  Then, her heart beats double-time and she skips on home.

Sweet Maria has posable legs and she measures about 16" tall and 5" wide.  She is skipping around over here.

I found this video of a segment on 20/20 through a search on TMS (the syndrome I think I have).  If anyone else has chronic pain you may find it interesting and useful.  It is pretty amazing how quickly people recover once they are diagnosed with this.  Here it is!  


Anonymous said...

She is just lovely! The poseable limbs are a nice touch. Congrats on heading back to school! I'm sure you will enjoy it. And I hope the TMS techniques work for you and provide you relief.

frcreation said...

you have a surpise in my blog!