Thursday, July 24, 2008


Philip is a sailor.  He has his very own boat that he built himself and it is only big enough for him and his chihuahua, Peaches.  Together they go wherever the wind blows them.  Philip pretends to be tougher than he is because he doesn't like to chat.  He can never think of anything to say and it's a bit embarrassing for him.  For awhile there he was watching the Weather channel non-stop.  He noticed that weather was often a topic of conversation.  He thought perhaps that being armed with information about warm-fronts and cold-fronts would help him be a better conversationalist, but he quickly realized that you can't talk about the weather for longer than 5 minutes.  When the subject would change to something else, his belly would start to flutter with nervousness.  So he decided to accept himself as a solitary man and just be the captain of his own ship.  He is quite happy sailing around silently with Peaches.  He sill watches the Weather channel, but that's just for the wind.

My next Pillow Monster I will make will be another special request for Melissa from Pug Notes.  I am pumped---it's going to be a Corgi named Moe.  

My job has been pretty much awesome (!).  I love it really---it's incredibly fun.  I want to tell you about all the characters I have met, but my descriptions would be so inadequate.  It's definitely great fun though--I am very happy to be working there and not making lattes.  A typical 4 hour shift at my new job usually involves basketball, puzzles, several renditions of the "elastic arm" joke, clapping, walks, high-fives, balloon baseball, hugs, dancing and "Sweating into the Oldies".  It's completely awesome.  


sheridan said...

Nichol, Phillip is terrific!
Love the tattoo.
Hope you are enjoying settling into your job.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

Hi Nichol!
I LOVE Phillip! His tattoo is genius!
I am so happy that you love your new job. My heart is just smiling after reading your post. Have fun making Moe. You are the best!

Eva said...

oh that sounds like wonderful fun! phillip turned out super, of course :D

futuregirl said...

I love phillip's nipples *so much*.

Also, you job sounds amazing! I'm so glad you love it. :)

Leeanna Butcher said...

Phillip rocks! His tattoo is sweet! So glad you're loving your job- will it interfere with school in the fall?

Nichol Brinkman said...

Thanks everyone!

The Masters in Art Education program at IU is set up for art teachers, so the classes are in the evenings and night-time. So, I will still keep my job. The pillow monsters may dwindle a bit during that time however :(.


mimi k said...

He's fantastic!

Jenny S said...

The tattoo is fantastic and the part about the weather channel *really* made me smile :)

I have passed on a brilliant inspiring blog award to you over on my little blog
Hope it brings a smile to your day