Friday, July 11, 2008


I just realized when I posted these pictures that I completely forgot about Bleeker's tail.  This is the family dog of my pillow monster family request.  They love Notre Dame, hence the shamrock charm on his collar.  I had many failed attempts with Bleeker, but I am really happy with how he turned out.  The family is being oober-patient with me---this request has taken me too long, and I still have a cat to do!  The truth is my symptoms of my repetitive strain injury are back full throttle.  It is completely devastating to not have my body cooperate with me, but I know I will heal eventually.  In addition to arm pains, my neck, shoulders and back ache.  I am not sure what exactly triggered this flare up, but I think it could have been a result of over-strenuous stretching.  I always think more is better, and that is often not the case.  Examples of more being worse than less are:  ice cream, searching symptoms on the internet and stretching. The good news is, I think I am going to love my new job.  I am still in training, but I have observed classes and activities with the adults with developmental disabilities and everyone is respectful and caring.  They are treated like individuals and it is just such a positive place with genuine, positive, creative energy.  Also, the job will help me to be less whiny about my own physical problems while simultaneously aiding my healing process since I will be forced to break up my day instead of being a sewing-machine.
I also joined the YMCA and started swimming because it is supposed to be great for people who have RSI.  I forgot how much I loved being in water and splashing around.  There is something so nice about it.  What I really want is to do water aerobics, but I never quite fit in with the water aerobics crowd.  Oh well, I shouldn't let it stop me.
I'll make and post the final animal member of the fam and then I need to take a break until I am fully healed.  In the mean time, I will be dreaming up new creatures.  Take care!


Leeanna Butcher said...

He's great! I love the shamrock on his collar, a nice touch adding in the Notre Dame colors. Can't wait to see the cat. Good luck with the healing, rest up those creative hands! :)

Eva said...

awww... i'm sorry to hear you have a flare up again :( i know how frustrated you must be, i'm experiencing one again as well. i did finally make an appointment with my regular doctor and if she has nothing to offer again, i will tell her to send me to a specialist. sometimes i wonder if i'm just supposed to live with the pain and get over it, whether it's just how it's going to be. i've been swimming too but lately even that has been hurting my knee :( i totally get in those phases like you where i read on the internet or start freaking out about it. and then sometimes i feel like maybe i'm just imagining it all or being a baby about it. sigh! well, i'm sending you warm wishes- get well get well soon :D

Eva said...

oh btw, thank you for the super tip on the blog list- that has been sooo great!!! i feel so much more organized and on top of things! yay!

kimberland designs said...

I am so sad to hear that your RSI has flared up again. I hope it goes away soon. Your new job sounds very interesting. It is great that you enjoy it so much. I love your new creation. He looks so little, like you could fit him in your pocket =). Kepp well and give those hands a rest.
Kimberley =)

Melissa & Emmitt said...

hi nichol!
i love bleeker and i am so happy that you love your new job. you are such a wonderful, positive person. i love reading every word of your post!
have a great weekend!

Jenny S said...

He's fantastic! I love the button joints!
So sorry to hear your rsi is causing problems again. Its so bad not be able to do the things you love.
Hope you have a speedy recovery xo

Anonymous said...

He is adorable!

sorry to hear about the ongoing pain. I hope the change in your routine, between working and swimming, will help you feel better soon.

bozoette said...

He is oober cute! And yes, please do heal. Healing is good!

Bettina said...

Hello,my name is Bettina,im from Buenos Aires ,Argentina.Ialways read your blog,Ilove your inglesh is very bad,sorry.All yours dolls are wonderfull.Hasta Pronto

mimi k said...

I love Bleeker- even with no tail! He has such personality!

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