Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mini Clarissa in Her Fog Jump Suit

Clarissa has a pet frog named Senor, that is Mister in spanish.  She adores him, and has ceased keeping a daily diary because she finds Senor to be such a devoted listener that she no longer has to write out her thoughts.  She tells Senor all her dreams and aspirations.  She wants to be a famous artist when she grows up.  She wants hers paintings to be in beautiful museums, and she wants people to stare at them for hours while wearing their fanciest clothes.  Her mother told her that her dreams are very nice but perhaps she should have a plan B.  So, Clarissa's plan B is to be a tight rope walker at the circus.  Mainly though, Clarissa wants her plan A to work out, so she does daily sketches of Senor.  Senor is thrilled because he believes himself to be quite handsome.  

Clarissa is so tiny!  She is here if you'd like to adopt her.

Here she and Gwennie are hanging out.  

I also really want you to click over to Eva's blog.  She has an amazing plush collection and she adopted Oscar the other day---she posted a picture of him paired up with this very tall lady and the photo just makes me laugh because it really looks like they are on a blind date or something.  Hilarious!  

Also--on Monday I am hosting a giveaway in honor of small, humble things.  


tower creations said...

I love your minis.

stacysews said...

I LOVE the mini!!!

Susan said...

Clarissa and Gwennie look so sweet together. Be sure to pop over to my part of town and sign up for my little giveaway. Hugs.