Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Clarence for Melissa

Clarence is a charmer.  Whenever he meets someone he can instantly think of 5 nice things to say to them, and he often does.  He says these nice things in a hushed sort of voice because he is out of breath most of the time.  The problem is that his legs are so short, he has to walk twice as fast as he should just to keep up with people.  Clarence appreciates beauty.  He keeps a beautiful rose garden and each morning he picks two.  One he wears as a corsage, the other is for the first person he sees, because he loves to spread joy.

Clarence is for Melissa of Pugnotes on Etsy.  I imagine Clarence and Melissa to be very similar (minus the short legs of course.  Melissa is one of the most positive women I know!  She is a definite joy spreader!  Thanks Melissa---he is on his way to you!


towercreations said...

cute. I mostly do sculpture and don't always have the resources to display things in shadow boxes so I thought..why not light fixtures..they work pretty good so far and I can get them at goodwill...I love goodwill, I do 90% of my shopping there and I like found object art. i just have to work on getting the bases looking pretty. I am not much for detail but I think its really important and I need to work on that. glad you like it.

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Nichol!
I so absolutely love Clarence! I cannot wait for him to arrive! I have been showing him online to everyone I know. Check my blog tomorrow. (6/13/08) It is dedicated to you and him. :)
You are so cute! I LOL on this post because I am 4' 10" so I do have short legs. Ha! We match perfectly, and I cannot wait to get him.
Thank you Nichol! You make magic!