Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Georgio is fantastic opera singer.  He can reach octaves only audible by certain species of birds, and when he does a vibrato, the earth trembles slightly, which makes his audience roar with delight.  On his nights off, Georgio enjoys being non-sophisticated.  He sits on his sofa with a large bowl of cheese puffs in his lap and he watches the most juvenile cartoons.  Because of hiis unusually large voice, when he laughs at the antics of Sponge Bob his downstairs neighbor,  Delores, has to calm her kitty, Whiskers, who jumps onto her lap in fright.

Georgio is over here making my Etsy shop tremble.


Melissa & Emmitt said...

I love Georgio!
Look at him sing!
:) Melissa

Susan said...

Georgio is so sweet. I love the way he is singing. Hugs, Susan

allieger said...

Georgio lives with me now in Seattle and he is faaah-bulous! I couldn't be more thrilled! Thanks! Allie