Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Carlos Jr and some Pillow Monster Love Shots

Here is Carlos.  You may remember him from here, someone wanted me to make him for her, so here he is in his low-rise pants and puffed up chest.  

These next 2 photos are some pillow monster love shots that these lovely ladies put in my feedback of my shop.

Virgil went to Mary.  Which is quite appropriate since he is a standup comedian and her blog name is Bozoette.  I clicked over to it and there is a picture of her with a red clown nose on.   Her blog is a lot of fun, she is sneaking cosmopolitans in a thermos in to see Sex in the City, which I think is hilarious.  I was really intrigued by her so I read her bio and she has had the most magical life.  I won't give it away, but to entice you I will tell you this, she went to mime camp.  Have you ever in your life met a mime?  I have not, but I am fascinated by them.

And here is Kitty Pink Stars.  I looked at this picture for about 20 minutes with my jaw dropped open.  Look at all the pink, happiness going on!  It's incredible.  And then in the left hand corner is a cat who seems completely oblivious to all the joy that is occurring in the room. She did a little photo series of Victor in her Flickr which had me laughing so hard that my stomach started to hurt.  She makes these colorful sock creatures that are for sale here.  You know they come from a happy place.

Oh geez, and I just found out she has a blog here.  Now I need to look.


Anonymous said...

It's so much fun to see your pillow monsters in their new homes!

Sheridan said...

Nichol, you are very clever with your use of fabric with Carlos Jnr.
Love the striped pants.
Enjoyed reading about the two pillow monster owners. People are so interesting!

bozoette said...

Oh thank you so much for your nice words!! I was actually a circus clown; they are kind of mime-y but more colorful and fun.

KiTTYPiNKSTaRS said...

Your pillow monsters ROCK!! Mine are so happy with my new plushie pals!

I'm going to blog Victor and the big wrestle later!!

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