Monday, June 23, 2008

Abby and Preston

Abby is a sweetheart.  One time a teacher told Abby not to talk to strangers, so every time Abby meets someone new she asks them three questions so that they aren't strangers anymore.  Then, they can chat.  Abby drinks a lot of hot cocoa.  It is her favorite.  She loves marshmallows in it, not the tiny ones but the big ones.  Abby has HUGE ideas.  When she is older she is going to open a restaurant and the waiters, instead of carrying around pots of coffee, they will carry around pots of hot cocoa.  Also, instead of small bowls of tiny cups of creamer, there will be large bowls of gigantic marshmallows on the table.  It will be great.

Preston is a balloon artist.  he can turn a handful of balloons into a dog, a cat, a butterfly, a walrus, a pufferfish, an antelope or a gazelle.  Almost anything!  Other balloon artists from around the world travel to wherever Preston is ballooning to see his hands in action.  When Preston is concentrating fiercely, he has to whistle while he works.  The whistling helps wase his nerves and allows his hands to be extremely steady so that he can twist and turn the balloons exactly right to for either antlers or hooves or snouts.  Also when he whistles, the curlies on his mustache go up and down, up and down.

Sorry, they are both unavailable, but I will make some more like them soon!

Guess what?!  I get to be an Aunt and a Godmother!  Wooo!  Yay!  Hurray!
As for my interview---it is in 2.5 hours and it's to work with the developmentally disabled.  I am not really sure doing what exactly, but when I handed in my application there was a very friendly vibe there.  Also, it is my most ideal shift 10-2:00.  We need some consistent money, but I really wanted to still focus on my Pillow Monsters, so this would be perfect.


Melissa & Emmitt said...

Good Morning Nichol!
Your new pillow monsters are wonderful! I love them and the stories.
I am excited to hear about your interview. It sounds like a really rewarding line of work.

Congratulations on becoming an Aunt soon!
what a great day!


tower creations said...

I like the hat. its a nice touch.

Hello, I'm Sally. said...

I love Abby! And Preston totally looks like a balloon artist.

Good luck with the interview!!

Eva said...

oh that sounds perfect- good luck with the job! i hope it works out because you're the sweetest and they could use a sweet person like you :D

i really had to resist not buying the last two you made! i'm glad that they found homes! i re-arranged my cubicle the other day and as is i barely have any room for more and i can't seem to part with much ;) i know it's inevitable, i will buy more plush though.

Crafty Red Fox said...

I love Preston's huge mustache. Good luck with the job!
Did you see the photo of me and Dahlia on my blog?

bozoette said...

Love them -- especially since Preston is a balloon artist. Lucky are the folks who get them! Congrats on becoming an auntie and a godmom!

futuregirl said...

Good luck with the interview!

sheridan said...

Nichol - best wishes for your interview - I hope the children get to meet you and your pillow monsters!

Loved the idea of Abby asking a stranger three questions to make them friends.

Kuky said...

I'd love a restaurant where the waiters carried around hot cocoa!

And yay on being an aunt and good luck with the job!

Anonymous said...

Great news all around for you!

I just had to comment and say that this pair is so cute I want to cry. Seriously, I wish I had them in my hands. Thank you for sharing your huge talent.

kimberland designs said...

Every new doll you come up with is better than the next Nichol! I love your work =)

Pyjama girl said...

O wow! I love your pillow monsters! I totally want one!! :D
great work and I may have to link ur site on my blog. Tis just so fantabulous! ^_^

Pillow love!
Pyjama Girl