Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mini Andy

Andy is practicing very hard to be an Olympic diver.  He invents his own moves and dives and gives them fancy names like the "Ginormous Canon-ball-o-rama" and the "Twisty-Turny Twidlleedoo".  His neighbor, Phyllis, sews.  She made him a swimsuit that will draw attention to his fancy moves and make each of Andy's dives more of a spectacle.  Whenever Andy comes out of the water for air, he does this fancy trick where he spits water out of his mouth and through his teeth so that he looks like a fancy fountain.  He is sure that is his dives are an 8 out of 10, his finale will make them a 10 out of 10.

Andy is no longer available, but today I will make something new and not post it in my shop until I blog about it.  I am also very excited because I bought an assortment of wooden shapes and I want to paint all over them.

Thanks so much for your interview well-wishes!!!  It went well, and now I have another one with someone else today.  I'm really pumped now at the idea of having  job and giving my day a little bit of structure.  Thanks again!  You all are the apples of my eyes!


Anonymous said...

I am in love with him. He looks like he's ready to show off at the carnival at Coney Island - maybe take a ride on the Wonder Wheel or the Cyclone while he's at it. He is obviously a brave and strong man. :)

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Nichol!
I LOVE mini Andy!
His swimsuit and detailing is wonderful! He just totally makes me happy!
Great luck on the interview today. I am so excited for you!
:) Melissa

ArtMind said...

Hey Nichol! It has been ages since I visited your superblog. Having a fulltime job doesn't always combine with Etsy & keeping track of all the networks surrounding it.
Looks like you have been working hard - I saw all beautiful new creatures! Well done!
Hmm, and you decide to get more structure in you life by getting a day-job? Good luck on the interviews, I wish you a fun job that will give you enough time to treat us with new creatures! ;) How selfish I am... LOL
Sorry for the long post...

Kuky said...

Hee hee hee!! Andy is awesome. I cannot tell you how long I sat here giggling at him. If money were no object I would be neck high in so many of your pillow monsters.

kimberland designs said...

I love Andy! I hope you make him some friends in the future. Your stuff is unbelieveable!!

meg said...

there was a void in my life and you filled it with button nipples.

suze said...

Yes, I agree the button nipples rock! I think he is my favorite.....for now.
Are you healed up yet? Still sending good vibes your way.
xo suze