Friday, May 30, 2008

Theodore Robot

Theodore Robot is unconvinced that he is a robot.  He thinks he hears his beating heart, but when he has others listen, they tell him that there is a clock inside of him that tics.  He doesn't think this is so because when he was watching the movie Beaches, he could hear the beating speed up during the sad parts, and his started to rust due to moisture.  When Theodore is done with his robotic duties each day, he sits in soft grass and looks at the birds and contemplates existence.  When he tires of contemplating existence, he thinks of chocolate cake and how it must taste.  Being a robot, he doesn't need food, but boy does he want some chocolate cake.

(me too!)

Theodore is contemplating cake over here.
I had a great time working on him and figuring out how to sew his parts together.  His center rectangle has glow in the dark squiggles on it because glow in the dark is the best.