Thursday, May 29, 2008

Post Birthday Post

I am now 28.  It feels very anticlimactic though because this year I kept thinking I was 28 already when I was only 27.  Poor 27, I neglected you.  It was a pretty nice birthday.  It  started off with granola from my favorite breakfast restaurant, Uptown.  It is hard to describe their granola, the closest I can get is--it tastes like crunchy heaven.  So good.  Then Joseph did all of the laundry which is the best present ever.  Really!  Have I told you how much I despise that chore?  I like when Joseph does the laundry because he is a generous Bounty user, and the clothes always coming home smelling Mountain Fresh times 10.  I spent part of my birthday pillow-monstering.  This girl is for my old neighbor---she requested 2 fairy princesses and a scooby doo-esque dog.  The dog won't be scooby doo-esque because I just can't bring myself to do that, but he will be a dog.  I also have started a robot that I am really excited about.  Here is the first fairy princess:

I'm not sure what her story is yet, but I know part of it will have to do with the magic she performs when she dances on your nose with her furry slippers while your sleeping.

After pillow monstering, Joseph took me out to this fancy restaurant (yay eating!) where I remembered what Sally said, about how it is tradition to have champagne on your golden birthday.  So I did!  This is what it looked like (see picture below).   It is from Bloomington.  

The night proceeded  with an Indiana Jones movie.  I really wanted to see Young At Heart because I think it looks adorable and because there is this woman in it who has the exact same voice that I imagined my elderly chihuahua, Mrs. Jangles, having.  But, it hasn't come to town yet.  I had a lot of fun with Indiana Jones though, even though it got a little bizarre at the end.  It went down well with my Raisinettes.  And, after wondering where my cell phone was the whole day I located it and got to hear a bunch of well-wishes which warmed my heart.  I also got to hear my brother's happy birthday song that is very peppy.


bozoette said...

You MUST see Young @ Heart! I wrote about it -- but don't read my post until you've seen it for there are spoilers. And Happy Birthday to you!

bozoette said...

Just another quick comment to say that Virgil arrived today! He is resting up from his trip by watching Comedy Central. Thank you; he is great.

Kuky said...

Happy belated birthday!!

I've been wanting to watch Indiana Jones. But Alan rolls his eyes whenever a commercial comes on. And then this past weekend he was going to bring us but I was super tired and wanted to nap.

futuregirl said...

Yay! Happy Birthday! I'm so glad it was wonderful! You're the sweetest. :)

Melissa & Emmitt said...

happy birthday nichol!
i love your new doll. her slippers are wonderful. i cannot wait to see your dog doll!
:) melissa

Hello, I'm Sally. said...

Oh! I love the fairy, such cute swirly buns and furry feet. I'm so glad you had some champagne and a nice relaxing time on your birthday.

Eva said...

Happy Be-lated Bday!!!!

stacysews said...

A very happy belated birthday to you! I love the fairy, btw!

Gwyneth said...

Dear Nichol,
I just found your pillow monsters on and fell in love with them! My name is Gwyneth and I'm from DC and when I saw that we share the same birthday I just had to send you a note to tell you how wonderful and imaginative your art is! A very happy birthday to you!! I'm glad your day was so lovely. :)