Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Great Show and a Diagnosis

The Wheeler Arts show was so much fun, and a great success for me.  I loved seeing people's reactions---it brought me so much joy when they would stop, smile and laugh!  It was also very interesting to see who would pause to check out my booth and who would pass it by without even the slightest glance.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that I captured the interest of the tough, macho men.   There was one actually who read almost half of the pillow monster bios and had many ideas on how I should do future booth set-ups.  My favorite suggestion was to set them up like a soap opera.  I don't know how exactly that would look, but still.  He even left and came back with his wife who wasn't quite as enthusiastic.  It was also kind of interesting to note that a lot of the younger kids failed to notice them.  I thought they would be my number one window shoppers and that I would witness lots of begging for the chance to adopt and care for a pillow monster of their own, but it just didn't happen that way.  Joseph tried to cheer me up by saying that kids, in general, don't have the best taste, but maybe he's right.  Not that I think my stuff is the cat's pajamas, but I would love if a child wanted to hug Victor over say Dora or Elmo, but I think if Dora was in the room Victor wouldn't even be noticed.  Sigh.  But, I had a pretty good night, and there are several pillow monsters on new couches as we speak and that makes my heart do a little dance.

It was also a really fun night because my friend, Spaldo, showed up.  Hi Spaldo! 

Now for the diagnosis about my hands.  The doctor, who was extremely nice, thinks that I have trapped nerves in my elbows.  He believes my problem to be reversible with rest, elbow pads, altering my lifestyle to keep my elbows straight as often as I can, and perfecting my posture. This trapped nerve business is called Cubital Tunnel Syndrome and it affects the ulnar nerve which goes to the pinky and ring fingers.  He says he has seen much worse and that he doesn't see any signs of permanent damage.  However I haven't found anyone while searching the web who has Cubital Tunnel Syndrome and also has finger tremors in their pinky and ring fingers, so if you are one of those people or if you know anyone who is one of those people, could you comment on my blog?  The tremors freak me out the most I have to say.  I also have to say that I look pretty awesome in elbow pads.


ArtMind said...

The show sounded like a lot of fun Nichol. I love doing fairs myself - it's hard work but it's so good to actually meet the people who buy your stuff! :)

I think you look pretty cool too with those big pinky hands! I hope that the doctor's advise will help and that you'll be able to sew again soon!

Susan said...

I'm glad you got some answers. Be sure and do what Doc suggests. Your table looked really good. I was surprised at the attention my pillow dolls got at my group's show and mine are not even close to being as awesome as yours. You just never know with people. Make sure you put some funky rings on those pink hands. Hugs.

Kuky said...

Have I been commenting? I keep getting distracted by Isabelle. Ok...gather my thoughts while I have the chance right now to type.

Isabelle loves Bonnie. So I don't know what's up with the kids who just walked by.

And did I already tell you I was going to email you a list of hand exercises? I got them from a physical therapist a long time ago and I've been thinking about you so am trying to look for them. I can't remember if I commented that or got distracted before I had a chance...

And did I just hit publish already? If I did, sorry you are getting this comment twice.

Tala said...

I think your beautiful creations probably attract special kids with vivid imaginations (ones that haven't been completely dumbed down by mass market tv and advertising). I think it's rather more exciting the reaction you get from adults (including me) who see in your pillows our own childhood and the type of innocence and fun we wish we could still revel in (without being thrown in the looney bin)! I'd gladly take home all the pillows, but I'm waiting for that one extra special one that screams my name (like the red riding hood one! Sure I can't con you into making another?). Rest up and recuperate so you can get to making loads more pillow monsters (use this time to let them reveal themselves to you in your imagination!)

Eva said...

glad to hear you got a diagnosis and they just didn't say "i have no idea." at least this way you have some solutions and can start working on them :) sounds like with some effort, you'll be just fine! hurrah! it's tough to keep good posture etc. but eventually, you make it habit. i used to walk on my tippy toes when i was a kid- how strange! my parents would tell me, you're doing it again... eventually i got used to walking normal like the rest of the world. sometimes, for fun, i try to do it now and i really don't get how i could walk that way. sometimes i wonder if i thought it was funny or something...

Nichol Brinkman said...

Thanks everyone!

Is that your name or is it your incognito-anonymous-blogger-commenter-
name? I loved what you wrote to me and I think about it all the time now. I could never before articulate what I want people to get out of my pillow monsters and why I make them, and your comment says it all. That was really great of you to say that---thanks from the very bottom, bottom of my heart.


ps I would love to make another Red for you. I know the original will be on sale on Etsy somehow through the Crammed Organisms show, but I don't know the details. I feel like in another week my arms may be healed. Nerves are definitely strange things to injure.

Thanks again!