Tuesday, May 6, 2008

An attempt

Over the past few days I have been sewing and trying to pay attention to my body so as not to do a total reversal of my progress.  I can't go for too long without pain, but I do feel like with the adjustments I have been making regarding my elbows, things get better every day.  My fingers are still twitching.  Darn those digits.  I am almost done with this Cockatiel hooded lady who is a special request by a really cool girl.  The cockatiel part will have big hand-stitched orange cheeks, as cockatiels do, also I snuck in a sneak peek at the legging fabric near the bottom.  The requester has been extremely patient with me as she wanted her for her mom for mother's day and my hands are just not allowing that.   Her mom sounds really interesting.  So, I'm house sitting for a week starting tomorrow at a house with 2 large lady labs.  Albert gets to be the miniature bachelor with the 2 big ladies who I think have crushes on him.   Albert wants nothing to do with that nonsense however.  He is a very sophisticated pooch.  While house-sitting I plan on making it my mission to keep my elbows as straight as possible the entire time, so that I can go into Super Healing Mode, so when I come back home I can get back to business.  Thanks everyone for your support!  


KO said...

Wow!! She looks really good, Nichol! Again, take your time, there is no rush - the finger tremors sound sort of freaky. Glad to hear that you've been diagnosed and you get to wear armor now :)


Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Nichol!
Oh! I love her! I am so happy that you got a diagnosis and that your show went so well! I was away for a few days in San Diego and missed all of your great posts.

Hello, I'm Sally. said...

That is very cute. I love love love Kaffe Fasset's Roman Glass prints!

Yes, be sure to take it easy. You were going on super hero pillow monster making time before. Now you just have to slow down to the speed of the rest of us mortals.