Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bree in her Bear Hoodie

Bree is an expert on comfort.  She loves things that feel soft and fuzzy.  Her mom is a very patient woman and decided to indulge her daughter when she asked that her entire room be covered with shag carpeting, even the walls and the ceilings.  Besides Bree's slight tendency towards diva-ness when it comes to her needs for comfort, she is a sweet and compassionate girl.  When her dog, Fitzgerald, needed to be shaved for an important surgery, Bree asked her grandmother to teach her how to knit so that she could knit Fitzgerald a striped sweater.  That way, none of his friends could make fun of him for being bald.

Bree is hanging out over here waiting for a couch to sit on. 

On a different note, I applied to the public library here (please hire me, please hire me, please hire me).  It was fun having my pillow monster business, but this cubital tunnel syndrome was a wake up call.  It said, "wake up, you are going to be broke!"  
And I said, "Shhhhh!!!"
But, then it said it louder and in a more piercing tone, so now I am listening.  Besides, libraries are beautiful, beautiful things.  This library even lets you rent DVDs for FREE!  I just finished watching the entire second season of Project Runway.  My favorite contestant was Diane who got the boot about half way through, but she was really scientific and geeky and incorporated science into her fashion.  She made this hoodie that somehow was able to track your heart beat, so when you were excited and your heart beat got very fast a picture was taken out of a tiny camera sewn into your hoodie.  Fun!  If I owned that hoodie I would probably have a photographic collection of Albert being a bad boy on walks and barking at all the people who walk by to embarrass me.  That, and maybe ice cream.


Hello, I'm Sally. said...

Bree is super cute and cozy! A Library job would ROCK! Good luck :)

Anonymous said...

Love Bree! Crossing my fingers about the library job. That would be coooooool.

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Nichol!

oh! i am so excited for you. first, i love you two new dolls and their stories! and second, i love libraries too! I worked in the graduate library through college and i tried to work in our local library a couple of years ago, but the hours they needed did not work for me. i am sure i will work in one again. we have so much in common.
:) m