Saturday, April 19, 2008

Gus and a Giraffe

Gus lives in a house that is on a busy street.  His mom doesn't let him play in the front yard because of this.  Gus is fascinated with the trucks that drive by.  His favorites are the ones that are super huge.  At night, he turns on the lights in the main room, opens up the curtains, and tries to get all the trucks to make a big honking noise by dramatically pumping his fist into the air, like his older brother Ronald taught him to do.  Sometimes they honk a few times, and then Gus feels satisfied.  When Gus grows up, he will drive trucks, most definitely.  He will ship cereal all over the world.  When he is filing up at gas stations, he will buy milk and treat himself to a delicious bowl of whatever he is shipping as a reward for being such a terrific driver.

If you adopt Gus over here, he will gladly sit shotgun until he's old enough to drive.

Here is another Giraffe lady.  I don't have a story for her yet.  For some reason it is hard for me to think of stories when I know exactly where the pillow monster is going.  I am sending this giraffe to HGTV.  They have this new show coming out that is geared towards crafty teenagers and they are looking for people to show their crafts.  Here is the info.  I wanted to send along this sassy giraffe to work her charm on them (work it, sassy giraffe!).  I think she needs a flower though.