Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fredericko and Fernando

Fredericko and Fernando are siamese twins.  They adore one another, so they have no problem with this.   Their interests are the same:  opera singing, soccer playing and double fudge pudding.  The semi-professional team they are on is called the Oak Trees (because Oak Trees are so strong).  Fredericko and Fernando have many advantages on the field:  they have double the eyes to watch out for their opponents and double the heads for headers.  Off of the field and on the stage, they perform everyone's socks off.  Their voices alone are not that impressive, but when singing together they achieve a kind of harmony never before heard.  

I have been wanting to make siamese twins for awhile.  I didn't want to make fun though--I think siamese twins are fascinating.  I saw a documentary of these American teenage siamese twins on TLC once.  They had two distinctive personalities.  They were definitely just two well-adjusted teenage girls who happened to be siamese twins.  I find stories like that incredible.   

There was another really great documentary called "The Woman with Half of a Body".  This woman was incredible.  She got around on a skateboard and was a car mechanic.  She could easily get underneath the car to work on it because of how she was born.  Her parents just raised her as if she was no different from any one else, and she just adapted to the world.  She is married, had a BABY and is also taking care of her mentally handicapped brother.  

Oh yeah, and speaking of Oak Trees, look at these plush ones on this Etsy shop.  FUN!

Super Shelton went to London today!  Thanks Cecilia!  And, thanks to Joel, you are right---he does look like he's saying "Woosh!".


Erin said...

I find siamese twins incredible too! We ARE kindred spirits! I am glad that you like Bloomington, I like it too, although I don't think I have really found my "niche" here. What are you watching now that The Wire is over??? We watched some of the John Adams thing, but I don't think I will get that into it. The Wire was a total crazy addiction where we would spend all weekend in the house watching it!

Kuky said...

Hey I've watched both of those documentaries before! They are fascinating.

Christen said...

Hi there.

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Christen Olivarez

iHanna said...

Just found your site and I think your plushies are just so darn cool, I wish I had your kind of imagination! I love these guys, their ears are amazing as is their talent! great work!