Thursday, March 20, 2008

And now for a dose of sweetness

This next pillow monster is based off of one of Joseph's Grandmother Holsapple's stories.  She is endearingly called Meemo.  She loves tea and is an avid reader and quite the writer.  Each year for Christmas she writes a poem as her gift to all her children and grandchildren.  Sophia is the first of three characters she wrote bios for.   This is a great collaboration.

Rumble, rumble went the wheels of the school bus as it rolled along the street, and Sophia sat quietly in her seat.
It was her first day of school and her stomach felt full of butterflies.
What if nobody liked her? 
As the bus rolled to a stop, Sophia looked out at a sea of smiling faces;
even the teacher was smiling,
She hopped off the bus.
Everything was going to be alright.

-Phyllis Holsapple

Many thanks to Grandma Holsapple---the next two are about a friendly troll and a seal.  The troll is right up my alley, the seal?  I'm having problems with.  

 I haven't changed my name yet to Holsapple.  I couldn't let go of "Brinkman" quite yet.  But, I do like the last name Holsapple, and if you squish my first and my married name together you get Nicholsapple, which sounds pretty cool.  


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the rest of meemo's stories along with your creations. Vader sends his love to Albert. Before T and I tied the knot i was Duncapple :) tell J I said Hi. Hope to see you guys soon. LH

Nichol Brinkman said...

Hey LH! Duncapple---that is great. Albert misses his good old pal Vader, I can tell. Happy Almost Easter!

suze said...

Hey there Nichol,
The story about the twins was very interesting...loved the doll. And congrats on the possability of being published!
Your art mail is going out today.
Have a great weekend-

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I found you!! Meemo is so excited about your creations & the stories I had to google you until I found you!!! These are awesome! - aunty cathy