Sunday, October 5, 2008

New additions and a superb Saturday

A few more Plushies in my shop for you to browse...

So last night was wonderful.  Bloomington hosts this amazing international music festival called Lotus Fest each year and Joseph and I were too lame to budget in some tickets, but due to an encouraging friend (thanks Erin) we still went and experienced all the free stuff there was (Yay free!).  The weather was like something out of a dream, and there was music everywhere.  It reminded me of being in downtown Memphis at night (where I went to school) and walking down Beale street and hearing different bands whenever a group went in or out of a bar, only it was less smoky and on a much grander scale with more wild art about.  My favorite part of our night was watching this parade that involved this marching band that seemed like they marched straight out of some underground sub culture.  They had on these punked up band uniforms and there were stilt walkers.  I fell in love.  If not for Joseph and Albert, I might have marched away with them off to the magical, noisy place they came from.  I have a deep affinity for parades----especially the low on budget-high on soul, clunky, papier mache sort of parades.  It was great, Albert (my dog, incase you didn't know) even came, though the stilt guys freaked him out.  He is pretty little, so he doesn't do so well with "tall".   Here are some highlights to things we saw: