Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Men on My Couch

The mustached men are finally done and ready to stand proud on my booth at Strange Folk Festival which I am really getting excited about.  I am going to have an orange suede table cloth and these bags called "oatmeal" bags and orange tissue paper.  I have declared orange to be my color of choice.  I am really attracted to that color and it has been this way as far back as I can remember.  The house I grew up in was very '70's and I feel nostalgic for it all the time.  We had this bright orange counter and the floor was fake brick linoleum.  The kitchen was such a sunny, bright, happy place and when Joseph and I finally have a house, the kitchen will be painted orange.  We also had a full basement to run around in.  We used to play hide and go seek in the dark.  We used to think we invented that game, but surely others must have played it too.  During holidays, the grownups would stay upstairs and drink and chat about grownup things, and all the cousins would play hide and go seek in the basement.  The person who was "it" would have to count upstairs, and I sort of enjoyed being "it" because it meant you got to count by the desserts.  Good times.  

There are changes coming to Pillow Monsters-----the big one being the name which I sadly discovered to be trademarked by someone else (Woopsies!).  I never imagined when I started this project that things would happen the way they did, so of course when I called them "Pillow Monsters" not only were they more pillow-y and monster-y than they are now but they were something that I had not imagined lasting longer than a month and therefor, of course, I didn't even consider legalities.  I am beyond delighted at what has become of my month long project, but I am looking forward even more to what will be coming.  I have learned a lot, and fresh starts are always fun.  It's like that first day of high school when you finally have a big locker and you get to be in a marching band and all of a sudden you feel like you have some control over your destiny (maybe that's a bad analogy as I don't know if that feeling lasted much longer than that first day).  I don't know when the change will come, but it will be fairly soon and I hope you follow me along because I can't do it without you!  


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi nichol!
oh i love all the moustached men!
you are going to have so much fun at strange folk festival.
i wish i could come!
i am also excited about your new changes on the horizon.
emmitt and i will follow you anywhere. :)

Kimberland Designs said...

They are all so gorgeous and not in the least bit 'strange' =P.

Kim =)