Saturday, August 2, 2008

Otis Number Two

Otis is very good at standing still.  He loves to people watch, but is painfully shy and fears someone may ask him a question or get bothered by his staring.  He has a tree suit that he wears to the park, and because he can stand so still and be so quiet, he goes unnoticed.  On a rare occasion a child will look up at him and be delighted that there is a tree with a smiling face looking back down at them.  When this happens, Otis reaches out his hand and gives him the dimes and nickels that he picks up on his walks to the park.  Then he whispers, "Money really does grow on trees!"  And the children skip off happily, dreaming of the super-bouncy ball they will get when they put their change into the machine at the grocery store.

Otis' story is a repeat.  My brain has been fried from an exhausting week and I just kept coming up with duds for stories so I decided to go with an old favorite.  Now I am going back to questioning whether or not I should go to school.  This has been the most wishiest, washiest year.  I feel incapable of making a single decision both with major things in life and with ridiculous things like whether or not I should try having bangs.  I probably am rubbing off on Joseph too because we must have discussed what to eat for dinner for about an hour last night. Sometimes I get so desperate for advice that I ask my dog Albert what he thinks I should do, and I am not completely certain, but I could almost swear he rolls his eyes at me.  I think maybe what I really want is some BABIES!  Oh, but anyway.

I did get accepted into a craft show that will be at the end of September--so I am going to put myself into business-mode for awhile and see how it goes.  I am going to try and build up my stock by working on multiples and additions, but most importantly I will be wearing a pin-striped pants suit and eating business-women specials.  Have a wonderful weekend!


Crystal said...

Oh we are in the same boat my friend. I know EXACTLY how you feel!

Susan said...

I hope this doesn't sound weird, but I wish I was there to give you a big old hug and say, just don't worry so much.

sheridan said...

Nichol - love Otis and love your honesty. "Pinstripe pantsuit" - classic!

Leeanna Butcher said...

Hey Nichol! Love Otis's tree suit, the fabrics are great as usual. :)
I think these indecisive phases happen to us all, I can only say from experience that they don't last forever, although it sure seems like it! :)
Sometimes it helps to focus on just one thing at a time...
Congrats on the craft show, that's fantastic! I'm sure you'll sell out- your stuff is terrific. ;D

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi nichol!
otis is wonderful! the craft show is so exciting. i am so proud of you. you inspire me everyday.

ArtMind said...

How I love the story of Otis, Nichol! Super! And I know how hard it is to make decissions. It's like choosing dessert and wanting it all and more, wanting it all at once! I can't help you decide but I'm sure you're intuition will help you! Good luck! :)