Thursday, August 21, 2008


Marjorie gardens during the night-time.  She sets her alarm (a koo-koo clock) for around 1:00 am and she quietly gathers all of her gardening tools, puts on her rubber boots and heads outdoors to pull out unwanted weeds.  Then she gently waters her lilacs and mums and lilies by candle light.  There is one blooming moon flower in her garden that she gives extra attention to.  She feels the two of them are kindred spirits since they both come to life in the night-time.  She has big plans for it as well because she thinks it would make a nice birthday present for her friend Judy.  Marjorie enjoys her life in the day-time too, but she is a giver.  She gives so much of herself that if she doesn't have her time in the garden she feels like she may disappear altogether.  After the plants get their water, Marjorie gathers the fallen flower petals and uses them to make an herbal tea.  Then she sips on it and with the calm that the moon light gardening provided her, she counts her blessings which make her cheeks go pink with joy.

Marjorie is a special request.

I wanted to thank all of you for your comments on my previous "Big News" post!  I feel so lucky to have so many of you stop by and tell me nice things.  Thank you, thank you! 


sheridan said...

Marjorie is just lovely. The colours look beautiful together.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi nichol!

oh i just love her! you find the coolest fabrics!

bozoette said...

I love her hat! I want one just like it for me.