Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Frank Porter

Frank Porter has an amazing gift.  He can eat hot dogs faster than any man or woman on this earth.  When people ask how he feels about his special gift, Frank's face gets a bit red, and he just shrugs his shoulders.  He thinks everyone has a special gift and hot dog eatin' happens to be his.  Frank has not entered any professional hot dog eating competitions.  Instead he prefers county fairs and the like.  He wants to hold on to his amateur status so that one day when hot dog eatin' is accepted as an Olympic sport he can win the gold medal for his country.  Frank thinks hot dog eatin' is most definitely a sport because it requires quite a bit of strategy and stretching.  He believes hot dog eatin' to be quite sophisticated actually, which is why he never competes without his bow tie.

I entered Frank into Etsy's handmade kids challenge.  He is waiting over there now---if you want to bring Frank into your home however, he still qualifies for the competition, so feel free to do so!  I'm a vegetarian, but I'll tell you, I miss hot dogs.  The Boca ones just don't do them justice, and it is such a quintessential American experience to eat one at a baseball game.


Mary said...

Frank is so cool! And so right about hot dogs. I had my first Chicago dog when Honey and I went last year. Oh my goodness, it was amazing! I ended up buying some sport peppers online so I could attempt to recreate one at home.

Oh, and how might one go about special ordering a pillow monster? :)

Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh my gosh nichol!
he is amazing!
i love him! i am so excited about the contest!
the hotdog is the icing on the cake so to speak.

Eva said...

oh wow, i love your entry for this! i wish i could buy him!!! he's great. i'm sure he'll find a good home in no time. i'm hoping to get something done for that contest tonight- i cut out the shapes yesterday... can't wait to share it!

btw, i've read that book about half way through... and i haven't had pain in quite some time, yesterday i even went swimming and no pain yet! i think it might totally have been internalized stress- we'll see... how about you? how are you doing?

btw, i'm vegetarian too. there's one fake hotdog brand i really like, some other ones are close but the texture is not right... i'll look in my fridge tonight and let you know. have you ever tried quorn? their stuff tastes kind of close to chicken... i really like their fake chicken nuggets :D

Susan said...

...Frank.. his little name is FRANK!!
You are so clever, he is adorable. Now I'm hungry for hot dogs. Take care. Hugs. Susan

futuregirl said...

The ric-rac ketchup is brilliant!

Leeanna Butcher said...

Frank is totally amazing! LOVE him. The hot dog is great- such a fun addition to him. Could his top hat and mustache be any cuter? I think not! Good luck in the contest. :D

bozoette said...

Gus and Gilbert arrived today!! I just love them both. What a wonderful surprise; Gilbert is just perfect. Thank you so so much.

Anonymous said...